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hmm..I discovered that I should never judge people... Coz when you judge people you wont even have time to even love them... Accept others for who they are... Coz that's what makes them so special... And help them to improve themselves so that they can be a better person... But remember... Never ever try to change oneself...becaus they wont be able to b wut we want.. I eat like a fat boy. I cook like a fat chef. I'm lazy like a fat cat. Physically, mentally, technically, generally,artistically, bombastically, emotionally, heroically, abnormally, sexually, biologically, biographically, biogenetically, catastrophically, exotically, literally, originally, optimisticly, overly, truly, rebelliously, unsoundly, valuably, bittersweetly, bottomlessly..naahhh..=) And always appreciate what God has given you... Even the small small things... Like today you feel happy... Then thank God for giving you a happy day... And if u have a bad day... Just pray to God to help you get through it... He will help you...insyaAllah... It's only a matter of asking for His help...


i'm juz want to get involve n to active up my blog..=)
updating when i'm not really busy ok..

My Unkymood Punkymood (Unkymoods)

Monday, February 22, 2010


today's mood : hmm..
reason : u know the answer..never ask me..
hope : sincerity pls come to us..i mean it!!